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The newsletter that will unashamedly tell you Craig Jones and Tom DeBlass both shared our memes this week so is now wondering what’s truly left to achieve in BJJ? …

Here’s what we’ve got today:

  • ADCC 2024 is less than 3 months away! 😎 

  • Who do you cheat with learn from online? 👩‍🎓  

  • Chew on this one from Chewy 🧐 

Before We Hit The Mats … 🤼 

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Who’s Spanking The Rankings?: The ADCC Countdown 👇

Timer from emailcountdowntimer.com

With ADCC 2024 (i.e. the Grappling Olympics 🤼‍♀️ ) now less than 3 months away 🎉 - our rankings section will start looking at who’s punched their tickets in each division so you can start getting hyped to track your favourite athletes and highlight what you think will be some of the biggest matchups 🔥 

Today we’re looking at the Men’s -66kg division - and there are some great matchups on offer here. You’d never count out last year's champion Diogo Reis but history shows he’s always got a hard matchup in Diego 'Pato' Oliveira. Beyond that - Deandre Corbe is a beast, Fabricio Andrey put on a trials highlight clinic 🎥 and Dorian Olivarez blasted onto the scene with a super impressive trials win 🤯 

Who’s your #1 pick 🥇 from this division? 👇 Hit reply and let us know 📧 

ADCC 2024 Men’s -66kg division


How'd They Get There?


Diogo Reis

Returning Champion, Invited


Owen Jones

1st European Trial winner


Dorian Olivarez

East Coast Trials winner

United States

Ethan Thomas

1st Asia & Oceania Trials winner


Gairbeg Ibragimov

2nd European Trials winner


Kennedy Maciel

1st South American Trials winner


Fabricio Andrey

2nd South American Trials winner


Ethan Crelinsten



Deandre Corbe

West Coast Trials winner


Kauã Gabriel



Ash Williams



Keith Krikorian


United States

Josh Cisneros

Returning Place Winner, Invited

United States

Xu Huaiqing

2nd Asia & Oceania Trials winner


Diego 'Pato' Oliveira

Returning Medalist, Invited


Gabriel Sousa

Returning Medalist, Invited



What Keeps You Up At 2 am?

If you’re at a gym with high-quality coaches who are technically sound and enthusiastic to help you learn to become the same - then count yourself lucky! 🍀 

Sometimes though, even if your coach is an absolute weapon, you may still find yourself with some … questions 🤔?

How’d he get his leg there? Mine are way longer!” … “What can I do with the other 50% of the body?” … “Why does coach always say that wristlockers are going to hell? 😈 

You may even find yourself secretly searching for these answers in other places outside the gym … like the internet 🖥

Suspicious Ryan Reynolds GIF by CBC

Don’t worry - we all do it. It’s not like you’re cheating on your gym, it’s supplementing what you’re learning. And if you’re doing it right - you’ll arguably be bringing more value to your gym and lifting the level across the board 😎 

Keep in mind that in a world of endless online content - ‘doing it right’ means learning techniques from the best of the best (i.e. probably not the local 3-stripe white belts new YouTube channel 🤷‍♂️)

So, in today’s brain-buster - we want to know who do you love to learn from online? 

We obviously can’t include every coach but we’ve given a good list of some of the big hitters ⚾️ and some room to include your own. Let us know below!👇

This week’s big question ⬇️

Who's Your Favourite Online Coach?

(If you could only pick one ☝️)

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The last poll’s results:

Last time we asked you - “Would you prefer endless cardio? Or unmatched strength?”

🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩 ⛽️ Endless Cardio - if I'm never tired, I'm always still in the fight

🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩 💪 Unmatched strength - always in control and can finish it quick

This one was a dead tie 💀 Half of you want that smesh-strength and the other half are in for that endless gas tank. 

Personally, I think I want the gas tank. Getting strong is fun 💪, but cardio is hardio 😩. To level up again - one of our cardio voters is bringing lightning speed to the table and never getting tapped again 🔥 😎 


The Weekly Fix

In our last edition, the gents from Bulletproof dropped a smooth 10-minute routine to help us get primed like a panther 🐆 before BJJ class.

This week they’re helping us sort out one of the most vulnerable, choked and cranked areas of the body - the neck 🦒. Let’s have a look at this week’s fix 🔧👇

Fix Your Sore Neck: 3 Drills To Soothe Your Spine!

Have you ever had your neck cranked from a rough roll? 😬 We have the solution for taking the pressure off your throat bones.

Typically, we suffer pain in our neck and upper traps from hunching or forward head position 🤕. This can be caused by too much time in one position - driving, desk posture, looking at your phone or spending hours playing guard. Or maybe you’ve copped an acute injury after trying to hit that berimbolo and getting squashed 😭

Either way - we gotta straighten you up baby!

In this video, you are given 3 options of Chin Tuck: easy, medium & hard. Choose the appropriate level to suit your current level of neck wreckedness and complete 2-3 sets.

Check it out! 🔥 🎥 ⬆️

Boom! 💥 If you liked this week’s fix and are thinking you could really benefit from a world-class BJJ-specific strength and flexibility program then you should probably …

Sign up for your 7-day free trial and take the app for a spin! 👇


This Weeks Tap’s , Nap’s 🥱 & Snap’s

We hear you. Time is money 💰 - you want your BJJ news but you’ve got sh*t to do 📝those training partners won’t tap themselves.

Let’s get it 👇

1.) WNO 24 GIVES US AN EARLY LOOK 👀: … at some potential ADCC match-ups that might play out - potentially making and breaking some athletes’ confidence 😎 😳 

Two of the ADCC Men’s -66kg divisions’ top contenders - Diego ‘Pato’ Oliveira & Fabricio Andrey will square off for the featherweight belt while the -77kg ADCC Trials winners Elijah Dorsey & Jozef Chen get a chance to test each other before the big game! 🏈 

Outside of the ADCC angle, the other matchups on this card could make it one of the best WNO cards yet 🔥 more here.

2.) RUOTOLO’S 🤝 MIGHTY MOUSE:with Kade’s transition to MMA just around the corner and DJ’s stronger focus on BJJ now taking centre stage - it looks like some ‘note-swapping’ is underway.

As some of the nicest guys in their respective lanes - and some of the deadliest to boot 🥾, it’s no real surprise to see this link-up take place.

But it’s cool nonetheless 😎 more here. 

3.) CHEWY GIVES SOMETHING TO CHEW ON: if you’re finding it difficult to stick to a solid BJJ training schedule 🗓

Whether it’s a high-stakes job 💼, a newborn baby 👶 or simply a dodgy car that won’t start on cold mornings 🚙 - there are many scenarios in the hobbyist’s life where we can’t quite get as many sessions in as we’d like.

It can feel like we are stalling in these times, or even going backwards 😬, but Chewy’s got a few great suggestions to help you stay on track and control what you can 💪 more here.

The Quick Hitters


The Meme Open Mat:

Be careful where you get your medical advice from - some of these Dr’s are looking a little sketchy if you ask me 👇 🤔 

A cycle a day keeps the doctor away! …

Could probably dial back a bit on the food …

Boom 💥 The magic is gone 🪄

You like memes huh!? 😎 (of course you do).

Well, we have bucketloads 🪣  of premium, high-grade OG memes for you to share with your BJJ crew, or simply peruse at your scrolling leisure👇


The Good Option: 

To celebrate this week’s shout-out from the great Tom DeBlass 🙌 we’re showcasing a slick option he uses to attack from the bottom half-guard 💂‍♀️

Tom is a master of the half-guard position - using it at the highest levels of both BJJ and MMA to slow down, control and submit numerous opponents 😎 

This clip shows pathways to attack the arm from a few different angles and even an entry into a heel hook for the more advanced among us 🤯 

Grab a cuppa ☕️ and notepad 📝 👇

The Not-So-Good Option:

Innovation in jiu-jitsu is happening at a blistering pace.

At this point - there is next to no % of the body still being ignored and the creativity behind new positions and submissions is simply astounding 🤯 

Kit Dale has recently been doing his part to advance the game - well, at least the men’s side of the sport 👨. It’s a controversial sub to say the least - and not one I’d study at work or while the kids are around 😬 

Don’t say you weren’t warned👇

Definitely not IBJJF legal…


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