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...and rap, reggae or metal - what's on your mat playlist?

Welcome to Tap Nap & Snap - the newsletter that is going on a damn holiday next week and won’t be back until next year 🔥 😎 Happy holidays all, remember, this is the season to really work on your pressure game by stacking on a few extra kg’s / lbs ⚖️

Here’s what we’ve got today:

  • Your music choice on the mats matters 🎶  

  • No-Gi action as far as the eye can see 👀 

  • Jozef Chen steals so that we can learn 🙏 

Things That Keep You Up At 2 AM:

 Turn that sh*t off 🎶 😡 

Most coaches and gym owners like to think they sit at the top of the ladder 🪜 in the gym hierarchy - leading from the front and wielding as much power as anyone in a BJJ gym can wield.

And while that might sound logical at first glance 👀, anyone who trains knows that true power comes from being in control of the gym’s playlist 🎶 ⚡️

You can drown out the coach’s instructions and straight up ruin the rest of someone’s day 😉 with the flick of a button - but conversely, you can lift the whole mood of the session and get everyone pumped to roll if you queue up the right tracks  

with great power comes great responsibility GIF

Cool. So what’s ‘the right track’ huh!? 🤨 Well, that’s the million-dollar question 💰

I don’t think that there is a gym on planet Earth 🌏 where all the members will love the playlist choice, but there are 3 genres that consistently show up no matter where you go - rap, metal and reggae.


This week’s big question: ⬇️

If You Could Only Ever Listen To 1 Genre On Your Gym Playlist - What's Your Pick?

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The last poll’s results:

Last time we asked you - “Would You Get A BJJ-Inspired Tattoo?”

🟨⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️ 💪 Yep. I'd definitely get it if I find the right one. (2)

🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩 👎 Nope. Not a fan of the idea. (7)

It’s a strong showing for the ‘No thanks’ crew here with most of you out here avoiding a BJJ tattoo like it’s staph 🦠 

Whether it is ‘jits-ink’ or otherwise, Jeff wrote in noting that it’s pretty rare to be ink-free nowadays…

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The Tap’s , Nap’s 🥱 & Snap’s 🫰From The Mats This Week:

It’s been a massive week of results and accompanying drama 🎭 from some of the biggest match-ups we could ask for 🔥 

Meregali continues his ‘No-Gi, No Problem’ mantra for 2023 with a super impressive win over Felipe Pena to close out the UFC Fight Pass Invitational 5.

There was a bit of back-and-forth to start out but over time, Pena seemed to tire out 🥱 and started racking up negative points 👎 for stalling and guard-pulling.

Meregali proved too slick and ended up getting the tap from the back with what appeared to be little more than a gentle neck tickle 🪶 😏 

This quick tap didn’t go unnoticed by the ol’ G-banger Ryan who was, whilst sidelined from this card with a rib injury, still on the scene with two perfectly working thumbs 👍 to rapidly fire off his signature online commentary and general trolling in Pena’s direction

This card also lined up Natty Nicky Rod against Yuri Simoes, who almost got in a warm-up fight 👇 with the notorious pest, AJ Azagarm before taking the stage. 

Nicky & Yuri had some good exchanges (with Gordon on commentary 😂), but Nicky’s body-lock passing made all the difference as he largely dominated Yuri to get the points win.

Natty Nicky also found the time to profess his love to Yuri ❤️ and call out Gordon for a 100k money 💰 match at the end - which was promptly denied. All in a night’s work 🤷‍♂️ …

Aside from that, Mason took out Haisam, Victor Hugo beat Big ‘junior’ Dan & Nicky Ryan lost to Jonnatas Gracie to round out the other major match-ups on the card 🃏 

Check out all the results and details 👉 right here.

If you threw a rock at the No-Gi Worlds 2023, you’d have a 💯 % chance of hitting a world-class matchup 🤼‍♀️ (you’d also probably get kicked out, but that’s not the point).

This one brought out some of the best names in the No-Gi game and as noted by BJJ Heroes - for the first time in the event’s history NONE of the male, adult, black belt finals included matches between two athletes of Brazilian nationality.

It was a tournament rich in submission finishes 💵 with heel hooks served up as the specialty dish this year, taking the top spot as the most successful submission across the entire tournament 🦵 🤕 

As far as highlights go - there are too many for one email to handle, but you’ll find a good list of them right here and a summary of all the division winners below … but in the meantime, enjoy this slick slam-to-back take sequence from Luke Griffith 👇

51KG: Everton Souza (Vision Brasil)
61KG: Junny Ocasio (Unity)
67KG: Diego Pato (AOJ)
73KG: Lucas Valente (Gracie Barra)
79KG: Tommy Langaker (Wulfing)
85KG: Ronaldo Junior (Atos HQ)
91KG: Elder Cruz (Checkmat)
97KG: Javier Zaruski (Atos HQ)
97+KG: Roosevelt Sousa (Fight Sports)
OPEN: Roberto Jimenez (Studio 76)
46KG: Mayssa Bastos (AOJ)
51KG: Tammi Musumeci (Pedigo SF)
56KG: Alex Enriquez (Atos ATL)
61KG: Ffion Davies (Essential JJ)
66KG: Gabi McComb (Atos HQ)
71KG: Elizabeth Mitrovic (Precision JJ)
76KG: Andressa Cintra (Gracie Barra)
76+KG: Kendall Reusing (Gracie Barra)
OPEN: Ffion Davies (Essential JJ)

Tom De Blass had an epic competitive career - making a huge name for himself over many years of Gi and No-Gi competition and winning stacks of titles 🏆

With his competition career now behind him in a haze of glory and stem cell repairs, he has transitioned into becoming one of the world’s top coaches and gym owners 💪 

He has released a tonne of instructionals which are great, but there’s only so much you can glean from a monologue right? 📺

Wouldn’t it be great if you could look over his shoulder 👀 as he coaches his top students at a world-class competition like No-Gi Worlds? 🤔 

Wouldn’t it be incredible to see what he sees as a high-level match plays out - and hear exactly what he recommends you should do in highly specific situations? 🧐

Well … if that’s a yes 🙌 - 👉 here you go 👈

Do Less. No, Wait, Do More:

The Good Option: Steal From The Best 🥷 

If you’re heading off to class tonight and manage to nail a pass or sub that you think no one in history has ever hit 😮 - guess again.

It’s 2023, at this point - there’s nothing new under the sun ☀️ and the newfound move that you’ve just shamelessly named after yourself (#theslipperysteve) has likely been done before 😔 

Don’t sweat it though, there’s no shame in stealing from the best and making it your own.

B-Team phenom Jozef Chen recently went on a tear at the ADCC European Trials, hitting some amazing techniques - one of which he openly stole from (and credits) Lucas Lepri with innovating 👍

In the clip below - he shows a super slick and unconventional way to get through your opponent’s half-guard as they sit up for the underhook.

Give it a watch and see if you can steal it from Lucas via Jozef 🥷👇

The Not-So-Good Option: Lying On Your Resume 📝 

So you’ve signed up for your first white belt comp hey?

Good on you!! 👍

Just remember when your coach asks you if you’ve ‘been working your takedowns’ - not to lie to their face and turn up to your first match with no plan to take it to ground 😬 

If you’re already in too deep though and are scrambling for ideas pre-comp - we can heartily recommend ‘The Helicopter 🚁  

Quick. Elegant. Effective. 👇

The Meme Open Mat:

There are just some things tiny white belt brains can’t handle… 👇

Questions get you nowhere buddy…

When the ‘brand new white belt’ beats you silly…

Almost got the credit…

Think you’ve got the spiciest BJJ memes going around? Hit reply, send them through to get them featured 🔥 

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