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Here’s what we’ve got today:

  • GSP & Elon are probably related

  • Cossack dancing is not the same as Jiu Jitsu

  • The one movie that can topple ‘Barbenheimer’ this summer

Who’s On Top This Week:

Not a lot of new names in the ADCC Open Rankings Top 10 for July, however, wins at the Tijuana Open see Matheus Lutes from Alliance rocket to #3 in the Men’s rankings and Maria Jose Ledesma Badillo debut’s at #6 in the Women’s rankings after snatching a double gold!

A whooole lotta New Wave in that Top 10 Men’s list right now huh?

Rankings sourced from FloGrappling

What’s Happening On The Mats:

GSP Is Coming Back!

Anyone else think GSP & Elon look related??

…and wait for it…it’s against Demian Maia! The nicest guy in MMA vs … the nicerest guy in MMA??

Scheduled as a submission grappling match for the end of the year, this packs in more nostalgia than your DiscmanTM with that patented ‘anti-skip technology’.

GSP with that Danaher connection and Maia with… well, he’s Demian Maia! Who gets the W?

And Is Gordon Back Too??

Wonder if this will bring Craig out of ‘retirement?’

Having been sidelined for most of 2023 so far (#tummyundefeated), Gordon has recently stated on the Bruce Buffer podcast that he plans to be back in action before the year is out.

Love him or hate him, he’s undeniably got strangling skillz for days - our only question is: Will he make it to the end of the year fighting fit? Or is he one bad burrito off an early retirement??

Lizard Man Is Levelling Up!

*Blinks sideways with reptilian excitement

It’s fun to hang sh*t on Marky Zuck for probably being one of the Lizard elite (N.B. this is the most lizard-esque way to say you aren’t a lizard 🦎) - but by all accounts (i.e. reddit) he’s done the hard yards and earned that Blue Belt!

Honestly though, it’s pretty cool to see that even after earning over $100 Billion, earning a BJJ belt is top of the list.

Big Hiss Oss Zuck!

Do Less. No, Wait, Do More:

The Good Option:

Jeff Glover Puts A Butterly Beatdown On A Kid

Jeff Glover is a bit like the cool and crazy uncle of Jiu-Jitsu, always telling a wild story and teaching you things your parents (i.e. coaches) don’t want you to know.

In this clip, he shows some cool options from Butterfly on what looks to be a kid who is clearly stoked to be involved. Check it out:

The Not-So-Good Option:

We believe that the guard pull has its place in jiu-jitsu, but when the wrestlers pull out this clip and start laughing hysterically - it’s pretty hard to argue the point 🤦‍♂️

Cossack Dancing is cool (?). BJJ is cool. But they are not the same.

Things That Keep You Up At 2 AM:

"Damn, that's tight, not tight enough to tap yet though. All I need to do is turn to my ... huh, it's all dark and warm, am I back in the womb?”

This week’s big question:

Have you ever been put to sleep by a training partner?

Have you ever been put to sleep by a training partner?

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The Meme Open Mat:

Move over Barbenheimer THIS is the hot new film of the summer🌞

It’s Gordies world, Craig’s just living in it

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