📰 Craig’s War on Sambo

... and do your shoulders need a bit of love?

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  • Craig’s War on Sambo 🥋 

  • Do your shoulders need a bit of love? 💪 

  • Back’s are for takin’ 😎

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Last time we asked you - “Are You An Optimiser?...”

🟨⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️ 💪 Big time. Sleep, food & exercise are all dialled in

🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩 🫤 Kinda. I do what I can but I'm not strict on it

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We’ve got a handful of hardcore optimisers 🤖 and zero cowboys (#allegedly) - but it looks like most of us are just doin’ our best with what we can, when we can! ☝️

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The Weekly Fix:

Last time, Joey and JT ran us through how to mobilise and strengthen our ankles 🦶 

This week, they’re looking at the other end and helping us fix a super common problem area for BJJ players - the shoulders 💪 

Let’s have a look at the fix 🔧👇

5 Moves to Fix Tight Shoulders

Do you have sore shoulders? 🥲 Then this video is what you have been looking for! 👍

Joey talks us through 5 fundamental moves you can do on a daily basis that will breathe new life into clunky shoulders 💪 

They are as follows:

1.) Passive Hang

2.) Seated Shoulder Extension

3.) Scorpion Stretch

4.) Belt Kimura Stretch

5.) Catch Stretch

These simple drills done in sequence are the right combination of movements to rebuild your confidence to get your arms back into the overhead position again 🙌 Get the lowdown right here! 👇🔥 

Boom! 💥 If you liked this week’s fix and are thinking you could really benefit from a world-class BJJ-specific strength and flexibility program then you should probably …

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The Tap’s , Nap’s 🥱 & Snap’s 🫰From The Mats This Week:

We hear you. Time is money 💰 - you want your BJJ news but you’ve got sh*t to do 📝those training partners won’t tap themselves.

We’ve kept it brief so click the links you like and choose your own adventure 😎 👇

1.) Craig’s War On Sambo 🥋 

Craig’s been out and about teaching and touring around the world 🗺 lately - even finding time to drop into a warzone and help the local Ukranians sharpen their jits 🔪 

From showing the ultimate buggy choke defence and dodging missile strikes - he’s sure been keeping busy, picking up more media attention than anyone in the sport (e.g. ABC News feature article 🤯)

2.) Nice To Be Invited! 💌

Some athletes are mauling their trials division to get their gold medal 🥇 and nail a place at ADCC 2024.

And some athletes just have so much street cred 😎 at this point that they only need to wrestle open a letter to secure their position at the BJJ Olympics 🤌

The latest batch of ADCC invitees has just been announced ☝️, indicating that being named Roberto will likely up your chances of a ticket 🎟

You can check out every athlete invited to ADCC 2024 so far riiiiight here.

3.) Brothers With Arms 🙅‍♂️

Is it genetics? 🧬 Is it work ethic? 😓 Is it magic? 🪄 Whatever the secret sauce is, it’s making the Ruotolo brothers damn near unbeatable at the moment 🏆

They both picked up wildly impressive wins in their latest One Championship outing - both scoring submission wins with a strangle that they’ve coined the OvaltineRuotolo-tine’. 🦾

What’s next? Well, Kades chomping at the bit for his MMA debut and Tye is starting to get under Gordon’s skin 😬 

Do Less. No, Wait, Do More:

The Good Option: B-Team At Their Best 💪 

Getting to the back is considered the ultimate goal by many top BJJ players 📈

Your opponent’s defence is limited, submissions open up and glory is yours for the taking! 🏆

Being there is the good part, Getting there is the hard part. But Dubious Dom has a few quick entries for you to drill with your partners this week that will help you find your way from side control 😃 

Grab a cuppa ☕️ and notepad 📝 👇

The Not-So-Good Option: Disregarding Your Future 🔮 

First of all - full credit to Joao Miyao for his storied career, glorious achievements and innovation within our sport. For that, we all thank you 🙏 

As for your ankle joints, well, they don’t love you so much. And this is why 👇 😬 

The Meme Open Mat:

Why cut weight when you can simply redistribute it 💡👇 …

Whoah! How’d you drop weight so quick!?…

Oh. Oh no. Don’t…

I’m the real shark…

You like memes huh!? 😎 (of course you do).

Well, we have bucketloads 🪣  of premium, high-grade OG memes for you to share with your BJJ crew, or simply peruse at your scrolling leisure


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Each week, we take a reader prompt and feed it to our A.I. overlords image generator to see what kind of artistic genius it will give back 🖼

This week’s prompt was:

‘Create an image showing who would win in a fight out of helio gracie and a bear’

So poetic. So not Helio. 🤨 

What’s next week’s prompt? Well, you tell me. 

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