B-Team Bulls Save The Day

as New Wave retreats!

Welcome to Tap Nap & Snap - and in honour of a fresh purple belt promotion over the weekend, I’ll be skipping this warmup section today thanks.

Here’s what we’ve got today:

  • Brazil DOMINATES the Flo Gi P4P Rankings

  • Jiu Jitsu = Poverty (mostly)

  • We’ve tripled our meme output

Who’s On Top This Week:

Last week we showed you the ADCC 23-24 Season Open Rankings which are currently being dominated by teams from the USA - this week we’ve got the FloGrappling Gi P4P rankings for you - and it’s an out-and-out Brazilian Pajama Party! 🎉 

The current P4P rankings for both the Men’s and Women’s divisions were set at IBJJF World’s back in June, with both Victor Hugo & Gabi Pessanha nailing a double gold to claim their spots at the top.

Saúde! 🍻 

Rankings sourced from FloGrappling

What’s Happening On The Mats:

"I love it when a plan comes together" – Craig Jones, A-Team B-Team

It was a warm and patriotic Texas morning. The sun was shining and the sound of fist-bumps could be heard floating through the air.

Danaher’s New Wave squad were on the mats, sharpening their skills to continue their dominant run this year with sights set upon the first Quintet event in two years - and then - disaster struck.

The story goes that one of the New Wave members had to pull out, so the call was made to pull the entire team from the event.

Seems a little extreme, I know, but if you go down enough Reddit rabbit holes and listen to Craig’s podcast theories - it might all boil down to Danaher’s apparent need for ‘team reputation management’.

Anyhow, it’s all speculation and we aren’t here to start any beef - just to season it heavily and serve it up medium rare.

Speaking of beef - you may be asking ‘Who in the wide world of BJJ could possibly step up to replace the New Wave squad, bring all the heat and simply save the day??’

Yep, you probably guessed it - none other than the B-Team Bulls! 🐂 🔥 (make sure you watch their Insta announcement above 😂 ⬆️)

They now join 10th Planet, Polaris, and Team Sakuraba for what is shaping up to be an epic Quintet - currently scheduled for Sept. 10, 2023

Are You A BJJ Oracle? Prove It!

Because if you are and you can correctly predict the future- there’s $2750 worth of BJJ Fanatic credits up for grabs 💰

Mr. Huge Honor himself and the team at BJJ Fanatics have put together a ‘Fantasy Game’ for the upcoming WNO on August 10.

It’s free to enter (whaaaa!?) and the prizes are:

  • 1st Place: $1,500 credit to BJJ Fanatics

  • 2nd Place: $750 credit to BJJ Fanatics

  • 3rd Place: $500 credit to BJJ Fanatics

Click here to enter, but remember, if you win any of these prizes - (1.) You’ll probably have to quit your day job to watch them all & (2.) If you do watch them all and your jiu-jitsu still sucks, you’re all out of excuses.

The crown is heavy 👑

Jits Won’t Make You Rich

Craig is everywhere in BJJ right now.

From running the B-Team in Austin and competing at the highest level (well, usually the 2nd highest level but who’s counting) - through to dropping new No Gi merch 😳 ⬆️ and starring on various podcasts.

Basically - he’s one of the few that are making money in BJJ from all angles.

Craig goes deep into his entire money-making philosophy - but the short and sweet is that if you want to make decent money in BJJ, you should:


  • Become an extremely successful competitor that is entertaining and marketable

  • Open your own gym, work for yourself and embrace chronic stress

  • Create instructionals that solve particular BJJ problems


  • Become an extremely successful competitor that is a boring sap to watch

  • Just settle in as a coach in someone else’s gym

  • Think that teaching privates will be enough to live on

There’s more sage advice on the video link above ⬆️ - some of which, is sure to offend.

Also, I’m pretty sure at no point did he say, ‘start a goofy newsletter’ but hey, here we are 🤓 💪 

Do Less. No, Wait, Do More:

The Good Option:

Lachy Looks At An Awesome Xande-Inspired Armbar

If you hang around here long enough, you’ll probably see a lot of content from the Velachiraptor as his details and instruction are 👍

In this clip he pays homage to Xande Ribeiro, showing the closed guard armbar style that scored him 3 finishes at ADCC 2017.

Now, I gotta admit, the ol’ stack and pass risk of the classic closed guard armbar weighs in my mind (and my lower back) - leading me to not often take it on.

However, this option not only gives a powerful armbar setup but also presents a hip bump sweep, kimura and flower sweep at different stages. Talk about bang for your buck.

Check it out below, simple enough for a beginner class and effective enough for a winning run at ADCC 💪 🔥 

The Not-So-Good Option:

Being The Guy Who Starts Fights At A Local Comp

If you’re ever at a competition that has mats laid out on a high school basketball court, it’s a good indicator that you shouldn’t be taking your jiu-jitsu so seriously that you’re throwing punches 🤦‍♂️

It appears these guys didn’t quite get that memo though and charged onto the mats to try out their Krav Maga (they didn’t even bow first either mind you).

Anyway, despite how impressive the spear tackle is at the end - this is not a good move for anyone.

Things That Keep You Up At 2 AM:

The ‘Gracie’ name is undoubtedly tied to BJJ. Even if you don’t particularly like it - it’s hard to deny - they are the reason that most of the world even know’s anything about Jiu-Jitsu.

However, they aren’t without their criticisms and questionable decisions.


This week’s big question:

Knowing what you know about BJJ now - could you have peddled Jiu Jitsu to the world better than the Gracies?’

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The Meme Open Mat:

This week, due to popular demand, we have 3x’ed our meme content - serving up 1x TN&S original and 2x from around the web that made us spit our coffee across the room ☕️

‘I was just about to tell them all about my sneaky back takes too’

Pure white-hot spine-tingling terror

They just looked so tasty!

Think you’ve got the spiciest BJJ memes going around? Hit reply, send them through and get yourself featured 🔥 

We Grow You Grow!

If you love BJJ, you probably love BJJ gear (how many rashies do you own huh? Be honest) - and, while you might love BJJ gear, your bank account most certainly does not.

From instructionals and supplements to training gear and BJJ events - the Tap Nap & Snap referral program rewards as you share us with your friends.

It’s only been a week and we’ve already dropped more tiers and more gear in there - check it out and tell ya friends!👇

…and just you wait, there are Gi’s, rashies, supplements, seminars and way more to come!

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